I thought I would share this here also.

Voices of Glass

Its a wonderful message, promise and encouragement isn’t it?

Mental illness and poor mental health can be such a consuming thing at times and as well as bringing so many different textures, shades and colors to your life can also seemingly rob them from it at times too.

As a Christian who suffers with both poor mental health, with mental illnesses and with poor physical health also I am so very much aware of this, and indeed just how all consuming it can seem at times.

But no matter what the circumstances of my physical or mental health may be, indeed no matter what the circumstances of my over-all life may be I stand (sit, kneel, lay) so very blessed and so very much aware of the words of Hebrews  11:1 which in the New International Version bible is translated as:

“11 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for…

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