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The Schizophrenia Commission, an independent group of experts, has released a report on a year-long inquiry it conducted which looked into  schizophrenia care in England.  The results of the report “The Abandoned Illness” make for extremely interesting reading.  But as interesting as they are they will by no means come as a shock to anyone who, like myself, suffers from Schizophrenia…

“The poor quality of care offered to people with psychosis is particularly shameful because, in the last two decades, we have made great strides in understanding mental illness.”

Is just one quote from the report.

“We want an end to the discrimination faced by people with mental illness. 87% of service users reported experiences of stigma to our commission – these can often be worse than the symptoms themselves.”

Being another.

The report does seem ( my apologies as I am only part way through reading it as…

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